Stanberry family {DFW family photographer}

Kristi is one of my dearest friends in the whole world, and we grew up just a couple of miles from each other and going to the same church. Garret and I’s friendship with her and her husband, Derek, is full of hilarity and good times – they know our story and we know their’s. In high school, the four of us stuck together, through proms, church choir trips, and typical high-school-couple fights, and somehow, years later, we’re married couples and still friends – and now they have a sweet little boy!

So, getting to take family portraits for Kristi’s family was a blast. Her sister Tracey, her husband Matt, and their baby girl were in town from California, and the whole crew was over at Kristi’s mom’s, Paula’s, house for the holidays. (Yes, this blog post is a little late!) It was pretty cold out the morning of their portraits, and with the kiddos we had to stay inside mostly. So, I threw open the curtains and the blinds and we made it work! I love these people. It was such a pleasure to photograph them.



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