Porch Swing Sewing class {Bryan College Station creative business photographer}

My sweet friend Corrie is so talented. She recently started running her creative sewing business, Porch Swing Sewing, full time, and I am so excited for her! She has tons of lovely products on her website, so I highly recommend checking it out! You can also like her Facebook page to keep up with all the prettiness she’s making.

Last Saturday, I attended her fabric tote bin class. First off, Corrie is a super patient and helpful teacher, y’all. My sewing skills are remedial at best, but she helped me remember/learn how to do things myself, and all five of us ladies in the class had a great time. Secondly, her studio is amazing. All the natural light had my photographer-brain so excited!

And, I really like how my project turned out. I’m so glad we both decided it’d be fun to use pink thread with the neutral fabric (which was provided by Corrie, included in the class fee). This was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, I’m more confident with my machine now, and I’d recommend Corrie’s class to anyone! I’m planning to order some client gifts from her this wedding season, so you may see more of her work on the blog this summer!

PorchSwing-02961_ PorchSwing-02957_ PorchSwing-02952_ PorchSwing_blog5 PorchSwing_blog4 PorchSwing_blog3 PorchSwing_blog2 PorchSwing_blog1 PorchSwing-02994_


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