The awesome James siblings {Bryan College Station family photographer}

Like I said in their preview post, when Denise contacted me about doing a sibling session for a surprise gift for their parents, it sounded like she had some really good ideas, but I had no idea that she, her fiance and her brother and sister would be such a joy to work with. It honestly took some work to stay focused during the session, steady my camera, and try not to keel over laughing at these four! Being the daughter of a librarian myself, I loved loved loved their idea of posing with their favorite books as a special treat for their book-loving mom!


Left to right, Michael is a freshman in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M, Jennifer is at the Air Force Academy, and Denise and her fiance Micah are both graduated, but were also in the Corps. I was really impressed by all of their attitudes and commitment to service and hard work! Thanks for such a fun session, James sibs!JamesSibs_Blog2_5 JamesSibs_Blog2_6 JamesSibs_Blog2_7 JamesSibs_Blog2_8 JamesSibs_Blog2_1 JamesSibs_Blog2_2 JamesSibs_Blog2_3


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