Wednesday weekly :: no. 2

One of my goals for this fall is to plant a garden. I started growing herbs, lettuce, and potted plants last year, and managed to keep about half of those alive when we moved from our last apartment to our current rent house. The sunlight in our new backyard is way harsher than at our old place, which I failed to realize until a few of my little plants had already bit the dust.

So, here’s a tiny tour of our backyard as it stands now. 1 – Sedum is a perennial that my mom loves and recommended. It tolerates Texas weather really well, which is no small thing! This is a “lemon” variety that will grow cute little yellow blooms. 2 – Our garden beds as they stand currently. Sad, I know. I hope to tackle them soon and get rid of the weeds and fire ants so we can start planning what we’ll plant in September. I’m really looking forward to spending time out there. 3 – This firery little guy is a variety of Celosia. It has come back to life a few times this summer and can also handle the oppressive heat. 4 – My tobasco pepper plant that I really need to move to a larger container.

So that’s a little peak into my world for this week. Time to break out the gardening gloves and get to work!


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