The Shaeffer Family {Bryan – College Station family photographer}

I posted a preview of the Shaeffer family’s fun portraits a few weeks ago, and now here’s more of them! I just had the best time doing these. It was my first time to photograph an extended family, but the Shaeffer crew made it easy. Garret and I enjoy hanging out with Mike and Kim and their kiddos, so I knew it would be fun working with them and Mike’s parents and sister. They met me in the park behind the George Bush Presidential Library one early evening in July, and we stuck pretty tight to the shade until the sun started to go down! Kiddos = early bedtimes and early photo shoots! It worked fine, because in the shade the heat wasn’t too bad, and because these two boys’ adorable personalities totally made up for it!Shaeffer FamilyShaeffer Family

I’m a big fan of that shot on the right. Sweet baby boy eyes, mama love, and golden sunset backlight. Love.Shaeffer FamilyShaeffer FamilyShaeffer Family

I’ll forever remember this session as that time that I learned a new technique for helping little boys stay (relatively) still for photos: let them balance rocks on the heads. Shaeffer Family


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