Wednesday weekly :: no. 1

I’m starting a new series here just to give you a light-hearted look into my life, how I see, what I’m enjoying this week, etc. This first edition is a little purchase-centric, but I think each week’s focus will vary. Next week it’s going to be gardening, because I tell you what, our front and back yards both some serious TLC and a little before-and-after blog post action is great motivation for me to get to work on them! Just keepin’ it real.

So we’ve been sort of busy this summer, and I feel like I’m constantly playing catch-up on house work and creative work. I think it’s just a season, and I’m trying to remember to slow down and do things I really enjoy in my free time, instead of just vegging. Cooking a real dinner with my husband, telling stories from our days, going to the gym, reading a book  – those are my favorite things to do in the evenings.

So, here are two of the books I’ve purchased this summer and really loved reading.

recent books I've readThe God Box was a light, encouraging read and definitely a tear-jerker. Mary Lou Quinlan’s mother sounds like the sweetest person in the universe. After reading her story, I was particularly impressed by her knack for making each person she talked to feel like the most important person in the world. What a gift to give.

I’ve gotten so much design inspiration from Living in a Nutshell. We’re 1000-sq-ft-dwellers right now, so when I read Design*Sponge’s recommendation of this book, I put it on my to-read list. Most of the projects in it are very doable and I’ve got about 10 of them bookmarked to try out. I need to redo a hanging shelf in our guest bedroom this month, and I’m going to use a couple of the pieces from this book for inspiration.

After books, notebooks and stationary are my favorite things to shop for. “Blank notebooks” is always an item on my Christmas list. So when we did a little shopping on the Strand in Galveston this weekend, I couldn’t resist these hilarious sticky notes and notepads made by Knock Knock. I found those at Bungalow, in addition to this bright, awesome notebook by Live Inspired.

The first time I left Garret one of these High Five notes a few days ago, he loved it. I heard him laughing at it from the other room and saying “where did you find this?!”, so that was fun. It’s a easy way to leave each other some encouragement, and we both need that!

Here’s to finishing this week out strong, working hard, and making time to read and relax!


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