Amanda’s adorable mother daughter session {Dallas – Fort Worth family lifestyle photographer}

I am so excited to share this post! Amanda and I have been friends since first grade. Back then we jumped on her trampoline and talked about silly boys, but now we talk life and family and walking in faith. She is one of my dearest friends in the whole world and has an incredibly encouraging spirit. So, spending a sunny April morning doing a lifestyle session with Amanda and her daughter while they went through their daily routine was seriously a delight!

Helping clients save these everyday moments through a lifestyle session is something I really have a passion for. A session like this basically entails me hanging out with you and your family for 2-3 hours and recording the beauty and grace in your normal, daily life. And, please don’t think that you need a perfect house to be able to do these sort of portraits – all we need is a couple of windows and your lovely family. I so enjoyed doing this session for Amanda, and I look forward to doing more, so contact me if you’re interested in a lifestyle session for your family, and we can talk!

Could she be any cuter!? 

I’m not a momma yet, but for me the two above photos are a great snapshot of life with kiddos – one minute they’re sweetly reading in the sunshine, and the next they’re trying to stealthily pull the highchair across the room! We had way too much fun!


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